Sportspeak Podcast

Is brought to you by sports reporter Patrick Dillon. Each Athlete holds more than what meets the eye, a story. One that can put things in life into perspective. So go ahead and listen to a couple of our shows and see if you don’t leave changed, or even in inspired.


When some watch a game, all they see is a game. Yet, there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes of the lives of these athletes and coaches. The extra hour spent at practice, sacrificing family time to get a strategy right, things that we may never know about unless we talk to them.

What To Expect

Each week here I will have a player, coach, or special guest on the show. We’ll talk about their performance this last week and give an update on how the teams are doing around Tulare County. But we will also talk about what sports means to them and how it has played such a critical part in their lives.