The Sportspeak Podcast Ep. 30: Exeter baseball head coach Kevin Kirkman and Dillon Howell

Baseball leagues are starting up all over the valley in the next couple weeks, and one team looking to make it back to the top are the Exeter Monarchs. Joining me in the studio is head coach Kevin Kirkman, and ace pitcher Dillon Howell.

A team historically known for their pitching four arms have separated themselves so far this season. Howell and I talk about how he has grown as a pitcher, and how being a freshman while Tyler Rumbaugh was on the team helped him. Also, on this show we discuss the Monarch’s fall season program. Dillon and I talk about how focusing on the mechanics side of pitching has helped him.

Then coach Kirkman goes more in-depth about his four pitchers. We also talk about their upcoming Central Sequoia League opener against Selma on Friday, and who their toughest contender is this season.

All that and more on this week’s episode of The Sportspeak Podcast.

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